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65+ Content Marketing Tools The Pros Can’t Live Without


If you want to be successful with content marketing, you need to put a big emphasis on the marketing aspect of it.
Writing high quality content is just not good enough.
First, you need to be writing the right kind of content. Then, you need to optimize it,promote it, and analyze its performance.
While this may seem like a lot of work, there are many tools that can make your life a whole lot easier.
That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of content marketing tools that will help you become an allstar content marketer.  
Exclusive Bonus: Download a PDF copy of the full list of tools mentioned in this post.

Table of Contents

Content Discovery Tools

Content Discovery Tools
As a content marketer, an important role is coming up with topics to write about. And if you’re serious about content marketing as a viable business strategy, you need to write about the stuff that is likely to get shared and linked to.
Experienced marketers will tell you that the worst mistake you can make is to write content that no one cares about. (Click to tweet)
These tools will help you avoid just that.
Use them to identify previous content that has already performed well, and new ideas that people are asking for.
Google Keyword Planner: An AdWords tool that helps you find keyword ideas and estimate how they may perform. Free online keyword research instrument that uses Google Autocomplete to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords.
BuzzSumo: Helps you analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. It’s also great for finding influencers to promote your content.
Ruzzit: A platform that automatically aggregates, organizes and displays any kind of content that has been shared or liked the most on social media.
AHREFs Content Explorer: Helps you find the most shared content for any topic.
Topsy: Helps you identify popular content on social media.
Quora: A popular question and answer site that is swarming with content ideas. Discover pressing questions that people want answers to.
Reddit: Considered “the front page of the internet.” There are plenty of subreddits where you can identify great performing content and what people are asking about.
Slideshare: A platform that enables you to upload, share and discover presentations. It’s the perfect platform for B2B marketers to discover good performing content.
Feedly: Your personal newsfeed. It allows you to subscribe to multiple blogs and publications and stay up to date with the newest content being released.
Twitter Advanced SearchUse the Twitter advanced search to discover popular content being shared.

Organization Tools

Organization Tools
When you’re managing multiple writers and hundreds of content ideas, staying organized is critical for success.
These tools will help you organize your ideas, manage your time, and share files within your organization (or with yourself).
Trello: The free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone. It’s a great way to organize all your content ideas and keep track of what’s in the pipeline.
DropBox: Helps you keep your files safe, synced, and easy to share. It’s perfect for sharing any multimedia files between teammates.
Google Drive: Helps you store all your files and access them from anywhere. You can quickly invite others to view, download, and collaborate on all the files you want.
Google CalendarIf there are certain times of the day where you want to focus on writing, Google calendar is a great way to block off these times so people know you’re focused on writing. When I’m in the zone, I try to limit as many distractions as possible
Evernote: Enables you to take notes, track tasks and save things you find online. Best of all, your content will be synced between your desktop and mobile devices automatically.
Pocket: Lets you save interesting content you find online so you can view it at a later time (without needing an internet connection).
Todoist: An online task management app and to-do list. It’s great for breaking down and prioritizing your work into manageable chunks.
Coscheduler: Helps you plan your marketing and save time. It turns marketing plans into real content with marketing calendar software designed to help you publish consistently.

Content Creation Tools

Content creation tools
Once you’ve generated all your content ideas and you have everything organized, it’s time to actually create the content.
These tools will not only help you write the content, but they’ll also help you create supporting visuals that are critical for boosting engagement.
Google Docs: Brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. It also has an offline mode which is great if you need to get some writing done when you’re not connected to the internet. I usually do most of my writing in Google Docs before bringing it into WordPress.
Hemingway Editor: An app that makes your writing bold and clear. It automatically highlights words or sentences that are confusing or unnecessary, and offers suggestions on how to fix them.
Grammarly: Makes you a better writer by finding and correcting up to 10× more mistakes than your word processor. It also helps you find the perfect word with context-optimized synonym suggestions.
WordPress Distraction Free WritingThis is not so much a tool, but rather a feature within WordPress. It hides everything that can get in the way of your writing, and helps you stay focused.
Byword: A premium text editor for Mac, iPhone and iPad. It supports markdown and lets you publish directly to WordPress and Evernote.
Snappa: Helps you create highly engaging images in minutes. It’s the perfect graphic design tool for supercharging your marketing.
Piktochart: A design app that helps you create infographics, reports, and presentations.
Infogram: Helps you create and publish beautiful visualizations of your data.
Skitch: Enables you to take screenshots and annotate them with shapes, arrows and quick sketches.

SEO & Link Building Tools

SEO & Link Building Tools
A big reason for creating content is to generate organic search traffic. When potential customers are searching for answers to their problems, you want them to find your content. Not only does it line up potential sales, it also boosts your authority as an expert.   
These set of tools will help you follow on-page SEO guidelines and provide you with actionable metrics for link building.
Yoast SEO: A WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions, and much more.
Open Site Explorer: A tool that shows you inbound links and authority metrics for a given URL.
AHREFs Site Explorer: Helps you put together website analyses, find new linking partners, crawl websites – and even keep an eye on the competition.
Google Webmaster Tools: Provides data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site.
SEMRush: Provides data on competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building.
Majestic: Provides link intelligence tools for SEO, Internet PR and Marketing.
Pingdom Website Speed TestYou might not see this as an SEO tool, but load speed is a very important ranking factor. The Pingdom speed test allows you to enter a URL to test the load time of that page, analyze it and find bottlenecks.
Screaming Frog: Fetches key onsite elements for SEO, presents them in tabs by type and allows you to filter for common SEO issues

List Building Tools

List Building Tools
Without a doubt, an email list is one of the most important components of successful content marketing. As your list grows, so does the potential reach for each piece of content you create.
Dedicated and loyal subscribers are instrumental for promoting your content and getting the word out.
These tools make it incredibly easy to capture email addresses and grow your list of subscribers.
SumoMe (List Builder, Scroll Box and Smart Bar)SumoMe comes with a suite of tools that make it incredibly easy to collect email addresses and grow your list.
OptinMonster: Makes it easy to create & A/B test beautiful lead capture forms.
Optin Cat: A WordPress plugin that includes everything you need to grow your email list.
LeadBoxes (From LeadPages)LeadBoxes are used to collect email addresses when potential subscribers click on a designated link, image, button or text.
Hellobar: An unobtrusive yet highly visible bar that can be used to get more email subscribers.

E-Mail Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Tools
Now that you’re capturing email addresses, use them to promote your content.  
These email marketing platforms will make it easy to send messages to your list of subscribers. For optimal results, segment your list properly and send targeted emails based on user actions.
MailChimp: Online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results.
Drip: A lightweight marketing automation platform. It allows you to craft automated emails that are triggered based on specific actions users take on your website or app.
Active Campaign: An all-in-one marketing platform with email marketing, marketing automation and a CRM.
Vero: Data-driven email marketing software that allows you to track behavior, segment your list, and send simple targeted messages.
ConvertKit: Helps you manage emails lists and drip campaigns to increase reader trust, which directly increases sales when you launch a product or service.
Social Media & Sharing Tools
When it comes to content marketing, the importance of social media can be summed with the following quote:
Content is fire, social media is gasoline. – Jay Baer (Click to tweet)
Make sure to pour gasoline on the fire after you publish your content. These set of tools will make it easy to schedule posts at optimal times throughout the day and encourage others to share your content.
Buffer: Makes it super easy to schedule your posts and share any page that you’re reading.
Hootsuite: Allows you to manage social networks, schedule messages, engage your audiences, and measure ROI right from the dashboard
Edgar: A social media scheduling tool that carefully catalogues posts in a limitless library that you build over time.
Sprout Social: A management & engagement platform for social media.
TweetdeckA powerful Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement.
Tweriod: A free twitter tool that helps you make the most of Twitter by letting you know the best time to tweet.
SumoMe Share: Makes it stupid-easy for your visitors to share your content on desktop and on mobile.
Click to Tweet: Allows you to create hyperlinks with pre-populated messages to be shared. Whoever clicks on the link will have the message automatically added to their Twitter status box–they simply click to tweet!
Tweetdis: A Wordpress plugin that creates ‘tweetable quotes’ in your articles.

PR & Outreach Tools

PR & Outreach tools
Content promotion is one of the most overlooked aspects of content marketing. If you’re a new blog, you should be spending less time writing, and a lot more time promoting.
These tools will help you connect with influencers and journalists that are most likely to share your content.
Buzzstream: Helps you research influencers, manage your relationships, and conduct outreach that’s personalized and efficient.
Ninja Outreach: A blogger outreach software that is perfect for influencer marketing. A tool that helps you promote your content and build relationships with influencers.
Followerwonk: Helps you find and connect with new influencers in your niche.
HARO (Help A Reporter Out): Connects news sources with journalists looking for their expertise.
Muck Rack: Helps you find & contact journalists.

Analytics Tools

Analytics tools
After you’ve come up with your topic, written your post, optimized it, shared it and did your outreach, it’s now time to analyze it.
Using an analytics tool will help you identify how well your content is performing, which channels are working best to promote it, and what your conversion rates look like.
Google Analytics: Helps you analyze visitor traffic and helps you understand which digital marketing strategies perform best.
KISSMetrics: Delivers key insights and timely interactions to turn visitors into customers.
Mixpanel: An advanced analytics platform that gives you the ability to easily measure what people are doing on your website.
Heap Analytics: Automatically captures every user action in your website and lets you measure it all after the fact. The Visualizer enables you to track events without writing a single line of code.
Exclusive Bonus: Download a PDF copy of the full list of content marketing tools mentioned in this post.


With the help of these tools, you should be well on your way to achieving great results with your content marketing. Most importantly, you’ll be a lot more efficient in doing so.
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