Friday, August 28, 2015

Study: Is Instagram Becoming Saturated?

Follower Growth and Engagement Down

Locowise has found that Instagram growth and engagement were down in July by significant amounts. Did you notice?
The company looked at 2,500 Instagram profiles and their progress for the month of July and found the average follower growth was just 0.34 percent, down 77 percent from May.
  • Organic growth dropped from: 1.95 percent in April, to 1.48 precernt in May, to 0.49 percent in June and now 0.34 perdent in July;
  • However, this is still better than the 0.21 percent organic page likes growth on Facebook, or the 0.19 percent growth on Twitter.
The average engagement rate was 2.12 percent of all followers, down 19 percent since May.
  • Engagement declined from 2.8 percent in April, to 2.61 percent in May, to 2.14 percent in June and now 2.12% in July;
  • This is still better than 0.52 percent of total page likes that engage with an average post on Facebook or the 0.15 percent of total followers that engage with the average tweet.
According to a company blog post:
300 million people now actively use Instagram. Facebook reports that a user spends 46 minutes per day between Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. 32 percent of U.S. teens see Instagram as their main platform compared to 24 percent for Twitter and 14 percent for Facebook.
Other stats:
  • The 2,500 profiles Locowise studied posted 2.39 posts per day on average
  • 93.29 percent of all the posts were images, while 11.28 percent of all comments were on videos, despite video being only 6.71 percent of all content posted
  • 97.64 percent of all interactions were likes, 2.36 percent were comments and the response time for the first comment to be posted was 49 seconds on average
  • Photos engaged 2.16 percent of followers on average, while videos engaged 1.58 percent
  • Up to 24 million Instagram users could be bot accounts. These are fake accounts that are active on the platform and are interacting with other users. These spam accounts have posted 6 images on average and have a follower-to-following ratio of 1:41.  

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