Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The 10 Commandments of Social Media and Content Marketing

The advent of internet technology has changed how people do things. Online shopping is one of the most popular activities nowadays. However, online marketing is even more widespread. Marketers are employing all sorts of online marketing to get products and services out there to prospective customers. The use of social media is not new, but it is really tricky even for the most seasoned marketing agents. If you have never used social media for marketing, then you are bound to have some problem at first.
It is a common assumption that social media is just about socializing. You get to make new friends, share fun moments and sad ones, plus so much more. While you are in the business of doing all of this, you can let your network know about certain products that you have available. Information usually spreads very fast through social media and this is why people are opting to market their products using this platform. The costs are significantly lower than advertising on broadcast media like television and radio. At the same time, social media spans a large population.
Even so, terms and conditions apply. There are several things that you have to get done in order to make certain that your social media advertising campaign is successful. These are the so-called ‘laws of social media marketing’. They are really simple to follow and anyone can use them.
  1. Listening
Listen more and speak less. This is an important law and that is why it ranks at number one. Take some time and read your target audience’s online content, and even join in on the discussions to learn what they hold important to them. It is only then that you will be able to create content that captures people’s attention and even start conversations that add value, instead of cluttering people’s lives.
  1. Focus
This law states that it is more beneficial to focus on one thing than to be a jack-of-all-trades who does not get anything done. A social media and content marketing strategy that is highly focused will always have better chances for success than one which states the issue at hand generally. You are not targeting all the users of Facebook or whichever platform you are using. You are not offering all services under the sun. Focus on one thing and on a particular group of people and you will be successful.
  1. Quality at its best
Another popular saying is quality is better than quantity. This cannot be more valid in the case of social media marketing and generally in online marketing. The content that you post online should be able to get people talking and sharing without even your asking. High quality content will never have a problem spreading. Everyone will want to read about it.
  1. Be patient
Also a very important rule, being patient when marketing online will see to it that you achieve the end goal. You should not expect to see wonders happening overnight. It takes some time for people to catch your line of thought. Successful social media and content marketing is based on commitment and devotion to ensuring quality.
  1. Compounding
Quality followers are only attracted to quality content and work. These are people who will never have a problem sharing your content with their audiences on various platforms from Twitter and Facebook to Google Plus and LinkedIn. It is this sharing and discussing of your content that captures that attention of search engines like Bing and Google. New entry points will be created so that your content is discoverable through keyword searches. Quality content will always have this ripple effect. Still remember rule number 4 above– patience is crucial.
  1. Influence
Find out who are the online influencers in your market, and are they likely to be interested in the products and services that you have to offer? Connect and build a relationship with these individuals. The moment that you get on their radar as an authoritative source of information they might potentially share your content with their followers as well. This in turn brings your business to the attention of a larger audience.
  1. Acknowledge other people
Being a snob will not serve you any benefit when marketing online. Never ignore someone who reaches out to you personally, even if it is online. This is one of the best ways to create relationships and boost the success of your social media marketing. Try as much as possible to acknowledge every person who reaches out to you.
  1. Reciprocate
When other people are sharing your content and you do not bother do the same for them, it sends out a message to them. It is not a good message at all. Take some time and share content that is published by others and talk about it as well.
  1. Value
Do not focus too much of your attention on conversions but rather on creating fantastic quality content. Conversions might not last, but the content will last for a long time unless you delete it. People will read the content in future, but the conversions might be of benefit at that moment.
  1. Accessibility
Always be accessible. Post frequently and be available for conversations. There are people who are notorious for disappearing weeks in a row. They go away for several weeks and do not post anything or reply to their audience’s messages.

These are 10simple ways to run a very successful social media marketing campaign. It is all about quality content and creating a network of people who will be interested in what you have to offer. Set your focus on a certain goal and strive to achieve it.

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