Monday, September 7, 2015

8 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Every Day. How Many Are You Doing?

We’re a firm believer in entrepreneurship here at AllTopStartups. We think there’s a fantastic idea inside everyone, just waiting to get out. Every single person on this planet has a different perspective on life. They all have their unique problems that needs solving.
That means that everyone has the potential to create something amazing. We dedicate our website to helping you hone and sharpen that potential into something wonderful. However, it’s not just a good idea that puts you on the path to success. It’s also the personal traits and habits of the person behind it.
The best entrepreneurs all have one or two things in common. Their attitude towards their work and their craft is unique among professionals. They’re self-starting, dedicated, and relentless in their pursuit.
We speak to lots of successful entrepreneurs for this blog, including one or two millionaires! Over time, we’ve started to get a sense of what it takes to create success. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together some of the most important things that good entrepreneurs do. How many are you doing?
1. They pursue their goals relentlessly
Entrepreneurship requires a thick skin, and a fierce drive for success. Without that, most of the products on the market wouldn’t even exist. Take the classic success story of Steve Jobs. He was originally ousted from Apple; the company took a sharp nose dive into oblivion. Microsoft dominated for years.
But, a decade later, Apple was back on top, and Steve Jobs was at the helm. Why? Because he believed in a better computer experience, and he pursued it relentlessly. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook also puts his site’s success down to relentless hard-work. A few late nights never hurt anyone! Sheer hard work is the difference between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs!
2. … But, they take breaks
Good entrepreneurs knows that pursuing their dreams drains energy unlike anything else. Working too much diminishes your ability to see things clearly, and put your company in perspective. It makes it harder to see the problems. It burns you out, and the whole business suffers because of it.
That’s why successful business owners know when it’s time to take a break. They know when it’s time to turn off their emails and spend an evening with the family. They take a trip away or go on holiday. Don’t burn yourself out chasing your dreams. Take a structured approach, and take small steps.
3. They delegate
One of the biggest reasons for business failure is micro-management. Too many entrepreneurs try to do everything. It’s an easy habit to fall into. When you’re starting to get the business off the ground, you’re in charge of everything. You’re building the client list, doing online marketing, running the accounts etc.
But, as soon as the opportunity presents itself, you must start delegating. There are many resources available online that can save you time and money. Contact a company like 1st Online who offer a cloud based contractor accounting service, taking the burden of managing your accounts away.
By recognising that other people can execute these tasks better, you can focus on taking the business forward with great ideas and leadership.
4. They choose their friends wisely
Nothing holds good ideas back like negativity. The best entrepreneurs cultivate an environment of positivity and encouragement around them. It’s time to choose your friends and associates wisely.
Is your circle supportive about your ideas? Are they honest with their feedback, and quick to offer a helping hand? This is the sort of environment where ideas thrive, and business are born. There’s a reason why most tech startups pop up in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. There’s an entire culture of forward-thinking, positive individuals!
5. They keep looking for inspiration
Successful people know that their work is never done. Google dominated the online search market very, very quickly. But, they didn’t sit back and bask in their own self glory. No, they set off in search of new ideas. They looked for new inspiration. They built a giant email system, and they created Google Docs.
They’re even building a driverless car. Don’t stop dreaming and looking for the next big step. There is always room for your startup to evolve. It might be the evolution that really takes off. Very few big companies are famous for what they set out to do. Keep looking for new and inspiring ideas.
6. They eat well and exercise
The most powerful people on the planet know how to look after themselves. They understand that good health and regular exercise is vital for productivity. Start by eating a healthy breakfast to give you that boost in the morning.
Did you know that the morning is the best time to work? You have more energy and motivation. There are less distractions too. So, give yourself a breakfast boost, and take charge in those first few hours. Some of the top CEOs put their success down to an early morning run. It clears the head, and gives you a natural kick of energy and endorphins.
7. They plan their day
Take a second to think about how often you sit down and plan your day. Do you live by schedules and to-do lists? Or do you just tackle everything as it shows up in your email? By planning your day specifically, you’ll get a lot more done.
Take a second at the end of each working day to plan the next. What’s the first big task or project you can tick off the list? Make sure it gets done! Avoid your emails until that big task it out of the way.
8. They stop multitasking
A lot of people think that multitasking is the key to success. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The most successful people split up their tasks, and tackle one at a time. Focus all your energy on one thing until it’s signed off and completed. Then move onto the next.
Flicking between lots of different accounts and tasks leaves your brain confused and burned out. Remember we told you to plan your day? Now, break your tasks down into chunks, and tackle them one at a time.
That’s the secret to entrepreneurial success! How many of these things are you doing every day?

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