Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kids using secret mobile apps to keep things hidden from parents.

There’s a parenting alert about kids keeping secrets on their phones.
Kids are installing so-called secret apps that hide media like texts and photos from their parents. 
So how do these cyber secret keepers work? One of the apps looks like an ordinary calculator app on the iPhone.
In fact, it is a standard calculator, but when you enter the secret password that your child created and hit the percent key, a photo album appears.
Now there’s pictures hidden that your child didn’t want you to see.
Apps like these are becoming so popular, a county district attorney in Alabama sent out a warning to parents on Facebook. Pamela Casey said a parent called her about "Private Photo"
“You and I know if one child knows about it, many children know about it, so take a minute and grab that phone,” Casey said in the video.

Experts say you can keep your kids from these apps by turning off their ability to install apps without your approval.
“The problem with these apps is they allow kids to hide their cyber lives from their parents and sometimes the things they’re hiding can harm them,” Yahoo! Editor in Chief Dan Tynan told ABC's "Good Morning America."
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