Thursday, September 24, 2015

Social Media Marketing Examples to Grow Audience and Keep Fans Engaged

Social media channels can help you grow your audience. They can also keep your fans engaged. What’s more is that they can drive sales and traffic to your site. But not all who are using them can obtain these benefits.


Why? They do know how to use their social channels but they aren’t aware of some tricks that can help them grow their audience and drive sales.
I’ll highlight some examples that you can implement to your own social media marketing strategy.


Quotes, especially those inspirational ones, usually get re-tweets or shares. They’re shareable. Tying in a powerful quote with your product or service is a powerful way to promote your product. It’s not seen as a promotional content. Rather, it’ll be treated as an inspirational content.
To implement it in your own social media strategy, tie in some motivational, entertaining and education quotes with an image of your company, product or service. You may also include a call-to-action that will link back to your product.
But because quotes are overused, you should find those lesser known quotes. Make sure that they speak directly to the value of your brand.

Images that Encourage Motivation

One of the best brands that uses image with motivational quote is Nike. On Pinterest, they have Nike Women account for female athletes.

Motivational quotes can easily be shared, just like quotes.

osinski quoteNike is great at using motivational quote embedded on their images for their social media marketing. This greatly helped their brand awareness to bring more attention to the products they’re advertising.
But before you can implement it, make sure that you know the user base of every social media platform that you’re in.
Know the demographics of those major social media platforms.
Once you know the user base, you can start including motivational quotes with your logo or the products you’re selling. But make sure that the quotes are somehow related to your brand.
If you can’t find quotes that make sense for your company, you can look for humorous or entertaining quotes. They also work.

Use Content from Users

On Facebook or Twitter, try finding some contents of your fans that show how your users use your products.
User-generated, as they call it, is an excellent way to encourage engagement.
What’s more is that it’s lot less work. You don’t have to make an effort of creating an update or content from scratch. It’s also a social proof that shows real customers who are using your products.
Then, your fans will love it as they have this rare opportunity to be featured on your page. It’s also your way of saying thank you to them by featuring their posts or images with your product.

Video Content

Socialbakers said that Facebook rewards those Page owners who upload videos to their Facebook Fan accounts.
The company rewards them with more organic reach.
Videos are valuable and offer compelling content. They surely catch your audience’s attention.
So, start creating video content and include it to your Facebook page. Don’t just put a link to your video on YouTube.
Native videos are more engaging and they can boost organic reach.

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