Tuesday, October 27, 2015

5 Super-Simple Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners


Using Social Media for business is like anything else you use online to increase your business, you need to learn how to use it properly to achieve the best results. Social Media is a powerhouse of lead generation and brand building; but also not using it wisely can give you problems you don’t need.

Taking that into consideration, below is some Social Media tips you can follow and hopefully soon Social Media will become one of your most used tools for lead generation and keeping in touch with your customers.
1 - What To Post And Where To Post:
Try to keep controversial topics off the Social Media accounts you use for business. The only exception would be if the controversial topic pertained to your industry. In that case, that would be a great opportunity for you to brand yourself as an expert by posting relevant and interesting comments on the topic.
2 - Post To Social Media Consistently:
Keep your posting consistent so your visitors know they can come back for new information anytime. Not only that, Google and other search engines seek new and relevant information to give their visitors and each post you create on any social media site will get indexed.  If you can’t keep up with posting, there are many freelancer sites you can search (freelancer.com, fiverr.com, hirewriters.com), to find ready and able writers that will help with the task of posting at very affordable prices.
3 - Use Keywords In Your Post:
As mentioned above, your posts become indexed by Search Engines. For example; when you post your short blurbs on Twitter, that ‘Tweet’ becomes an indexed page almost instantly! So you want to use keywords that pertain to your business, and you need to be clever and put the keywords in relevant sentences. If you are not sure what that means consider hiring a professional writer to help you.
4 - Keep your Social Media Profiles Complete & Up To Date:
Make sure you have your Social Media profiles complete. Social Media profiles are opportunities for you to share your website address, hours of operation, location, and contact info. They are also great for boasting an impressive ‘About Us’ paragraph or two. Hire a writer if you have no idea how to write an effective ‘About Us’ description.  Make sure your info is accurate: There is no easier way to lose business by displaying a phone number that is out of service!
5 - Don’t ‘Sell’ On Social Media:
You need to be stealth like with your sales pitches on Social Media. People get turned off by blatant marketing and Social Media is an escape for many of us during the day. Post helpful advice and tips for your Social Media followers – this keeps your visitors engaged while supporting your image as an expert in your field.  Then post sales, specials, and links to your website last and fewer in between.
Be positive and helpful on Social Media, use common sense, and you will find great success promoting your business using Social Media!

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