Tuesday, November 17, 2015

7 Ways to Use Images to Boost Conversion Rates


The fact that images can help boost your content marketing is old news. Still, it’s impressive that blogs with images receive 94 percent more views than those without.
High quality images can be an excellent way to increase conversions if used to their fullest capacity. All it takes is a little knowledge of how images and customer psychology go hand-in-hand. Here are just a few ways you can use images to boost conversions on your website:

1. Use High Quality Images

Pixilated images, clipart, cheesy stock photos, and irrelevant pictures all detract from your brand’s reputation. It’s hard to convince customers to purchase a product if it doesn’t look stunning in photos.
For example, consider real estate. Without high quality images, online listings would be irrelevant. People would be much more hesitant to buy properties without seeing them first in person. Great photos are vital and serve to drive conversions in a real estate setting, just as they would in any retail setting.

2. Replace Copy With Graphics

“A picture speaks a thousand words.” There’s a lot of truth to that saying when it comes to conversions, especially if you’re trying to explain a great deal of information or describe a complex concept. It’s better to replace text with a helpful graphic that can explain things more clearly.
For example, you could use an infographic with intricate charts and graphs to explain how a certain type of software could increase collaborative efficiencies. This information display makes it significantly easier for customers to get on board with your products and services.

3. Showcase Your Product

High quality product photos that show the product from multiple angles are a must. The images should also be highly detailed with no background distractions. Furthermore, avoid using confusing images that make it difficult to immediately pick out the product in question.
For example, if you’re selling a pair of jeans, but you show the full body of the model, it can be difficult for the consumer to determine if you’re selling the top, accessories, or bottoms. In addition, photos with plain backgrounds always convert better because they show the image in the best possible light.

4. Show the Product in Action

Provide the customer context for how they would use the product. If you’re selling a pair of sunglasses, show what they would look like with someone wearing them on the beach. If you’re selling a sofa, show how it would look in a well-designed room. It’s amazing how many more sofas you’ll sell when customers can see a product in action.

5. Allow a Zoom Feature

Let customers see every detail of your product up close, particularly if there are small, intricate details. Being able to zoom in to see the stitching on a pair of boots can mean the difference between customers making the purchase and abandoning their cart.

6. Include Images in Site Search

Good search features within a website are very important to customers, and adding images to the drop-down menu within the site search windows can boost conversions.
imageThis concept was put to the test by BrickHouse Security. “With the product images in the site search drop-down window, we get a 100 percent lift in conversion rate among shoppers who use site search,” explained Ryan Urban, BrickHouse manager of customer acquisition and analytics, to Internet Retailer.

7. Let Images Guide the Customer

Finally, make sure that the images you use to enhance your website serve to guide the customer’s eye. For example, if you’re trying to make a bottle of shampoo stand out, show a picture of a woman with luscious locks splayed around her head, looking at the bottle. This will direct the customers’ focus and make the product look more enticing.
Internet retailers make mistakes that impact their conversions all the time, but poor images shouldn’t be one of them. With the right placement and context, significantly higher conversions can be a reality for any company. Images in every aspect of your marketing strategy can be exactly what your blog and website need to bring in more customers and exchanges.

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