Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Latest Rules of Social Media Marketing

Social media is no doubt an ideal way for you to acquire new fans/followers and engage with them. It’s also an ideal tool to boost the reputation of your company/brand. In a way, social media has become an integral asset in marketing your business.


But how are you going to maximize its tools for your company?

Listed below are some new do’s that you should follow when it comes to your social media marketing so you’d be able to achieve your goals in no time.

Social Plan

Do you have one?
Most of us don’t.
Social plan is essential to make your social media marketing more powerful.
It’s a plan that compiles all fresh contents on your social media. You can create a daily, weekly or a monthly theme.
With a plan, you’ll have consistency. This will also allow you to send out your social updates at the right time.
When your audience knows when you’re going to post your content, they’ll go back to your site and wait for your next awesome piece of content.
Then again, what you post should provide them value. Else, they’re going to leave or unfollow you.
Even though you have a social plan, you should still monitor your channels.
Don’t just post and leave. You want your social media accounts to be as professional as possible as they reflect what your brand is.
That said, you’d want to monitor your channels and take out those spammy comments or inappropriate remarks.
Monitoring your channels will also help you find some comments and questions posted by your prospective clients.
When you’re there monitoring, you can make an instant reply and begin a real-time conversation with them.

Content Should Reflect Your Brand

It simply means that your content must provide value to your audience by sharing content that’s information and educational.

This gives them a sample of what they can expect when they visit your site. It also gives them a preview of what type of information is housed on your own site.

You already have followers. So, give them a reason to click through your link and visit your site.
But never assume what your audience wants. Just because you share your content on your social media accounts doesn’t mean that you’ll increase your CTR.
For that reason, you should know the profiles of those who interact with your content. In this way, you can share content that attracts attention to your potential customers.

Test the Times and Types of Content

A good social media marketer will always test the best time to post content in a social media channel. In this way, you’ll know what content works and what needs to be improved.
As you survey the activities on your social channel, you can generate useful pieces of information that may increase engagements and schedule your post during optimal times.
The best time to post is different from one company to another. That said, it’s necessary that you know your audience.
You can do so by using Google Analytics and check out your demographics, location and so on and so forth. Use these pieces of information to get to know more about your followers.

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