Saturday, January 23, 2016

How to Use Snapchat to Its Full Potential

With over 100 million active daily users, Snapchat is an extremely valuable tool that brands can use to market themselves. However, if your brand does not know how to properly promote, engage or talk to those users, then the popularity the social app has does not matter. By effectively promoting and posting the right content, brands and influencers can utilize Snapchat’s large amount of users.

Send snaps to your Snapchat friends
This may sound like a silly no brainer, but sending snaps to your friends on Snapchat is the most basic, yet effective way to engage consumers. In 2013, Taco Bell caused users to ‘fan-girl’ over the snap of a new burrito and its release date. It was a secret announcement made only to Taco Bell’s Snapchat friends.
Promote on other social media
A simple way to promote your brand on other social sites is to post your Snapcode or make it the accounts’ avatar. QR code-like images that are scanned by the app encourages consumers to follow your Snapchat account. The Huffington Post, Cinnabon and Toys “R” Us are just some of the brands who have changed their profile pictures to their Snapcodes.

Upload posts to other platforms.
Keeping on the idea to use other social media sites as a promotional tool, put Snapchat posts on other platforms. If your brand has a larger following on Instagram, save the clip from Snapchat and upload it onto Insta. "For now, the most efficient way to grow your Snapchat audience is to post your Snapcode on your other social channels, said Victor Pineiro, vp of social media at Big Spaceship, “Or else tease some of your brand's best Snaps to other channels with a strong call to action and your username."

Utilize Stories
Send snaps to your friends, but don’t forget to post to your story. Stories push your brand through the “one-to-one” limitation sending snaps can create. That “one-to-many broadcast is familiar and your brand can market to thousands of followers at one time.

Post behind the scenes
When you post Stories, give consumers a look behind the scenes. Everyone loves to feel special, and getting a peek behind the scenes gives a sense of exclusivity. Free People uses their Story to give showroom tours and show models during photoshoots. They also personally snap users and ask questions like how their weekend went. All of those elements combine to gives Free People’s Snapchat followers a valued relationship.

Promote your social channel outside of the social space
Last year to try and get more followers on Snapchat, Sprite Brazil printed Snapcodes from 15 social media influencers on its cans. Snapcodes are functional, and allow users to find your account with ease.

Host Giveaways
Free stuff always draws attention. When Groupon first created their Snapchat account, the company gave away stuff for an entire week. Groupon caters to an older audience than Snapchat normally draws in and the contest help get their consumers onto the social site.

Keep ads fresh, short and fun
Consumer do not like to watch ads, therefore when they do see one, especially on Snapchat were it can easily be skipped, it should be fast and fun.

For a recent Dunkin' Donuts and ESPN campaign, with internet celebrity Brandon Armstrong after shooting the duo, “picked the clips that would work best on Snapchat,” reported Ad Age, “which meant the ones that focused "less on specific Dunkin' Donuts products, and more on engaging the audience through fun, playful shorts," said Scott Hudler, VP-global consumer engagement at Dunkin' Brands, in an email.”


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