Wednesday, March 16, 2016

7 Ways You Can Power Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Companies are investing in mobile and for good reason. The mobile marketing world has expanded rapidly, and it’s not slowing down. In recent years, mobile device usage has taken over desktop—and it’s becoming a preferred marketing platform for many.
Your brand’s marketing strategy needs to be up to date, and it deserves a good amount of planning to stay afloat. Below, we’ve rounded up the biggest, hottest trends sweeping the mobile marketing world. Take a look at them, and compare your current strategy with the industry’s greatest advancements:

Trend One: Smartphone Reliant Shopping

Sure, you might’ve heard of consumers using smartphones to browse the Internet. You might’ve even accommodated for “mobile-only” customers. Until you dedicate a significant portion of your marketing strategy to mobile web, however, your business will be behind. In 2015, 90 percent of smartphone-enabled shoppers compared prices, conducted purchased and left feedback via their devices. Beyond 2016, the smartphone will be a sole buying utility.

Trend Two: Mobile Payments

Mobile payments were slow to start, but they’ve definitely dominated modern shopping. In 2016, mobile pay will experience great adoption. In fact, the United States can expect a volume of $142 billion in mobile payments by 2019. Apple, Google and other providers are streamlining the smartphone’s security to enable in-depth payment options, and brands are generating secure apps to offer customer-centric deals.

Trend Three: SMS Polls

Where feedback is considered, text-based polling promises to be the business world’s newest “social feedback” option. This year has already birthed a plethora of poll-centric response options, and businesses are directly increasing product sales by way of integrative SMS polling. After 2016, leading industry gurus will adopt real-time, long-term polling campaigns to target market shifts before they happen.

Trend Four: Mobile Coupons

Digital offers are booming. Mobile coupons experienced great success in 2015, and they’re expected to achieve new heights in 2016. SMS-delivered coupons, currently, are 10 times as effective as their paper counterparts. Printed coupons are out, and texted coupons are in. Buyers beyond 2016 will only opt for digital turn-ins, reworking the way providers conduct business. 50 percent of consumers make direct purchases after obtaining a text-bound coupon, and, even more, are open to the idea of ongoing digital coupon offers.

Trend Five: In-App Advertisements

Experts agree that mobile apps will be the new frontier of mobile advertisement. In 2015, 79 percent of smartphone users engaged mobile apps daily. If you want to be a top-dog industry professional, you need to secure purchases and retain visitors via a mobile app.

Trend Six: Deep Linking for Mobile Web

SEO has finally hit its stride with smartphones. Google’s App Indexing has made online visibility important, and mobile user experiences have become reliant on contextual search. Emergent markets are reliant on Google App Indexing, and they’re crafting entire strategies around mobile web SEO. One of the best strategies is to outreach to writers in your niche to see if they would allow you to contribute your thought leadership essay on their blog. This strategy will boost ranking and referral traffic.
Both mobile websites and mobile apps are benefiting, as cross-channel accessibility between mobile websites and mobile apps is huge. To achieve maximum visibility in the modern age, companies must double down on indexing options.

Trend Seven: Mobile Video Marketing

A YouTube video, when distributed effectively, is an indispensable marketing resource. Facebook constantly hosts viral videos, engaging brand campaigns and interactive media. After 2016, this paradigm will take place primarily on mobile. Mobile video advertisement revenue is expected to reach 13 billion before the start of 2020.
As your strategy grows, it should be redirected to match the industry’s ever-expanding options. Smartphone technology grows quickly, and it won’t stop for business professionals to catch up. Double check your strategy, prepare for growth and ready your brand for the world’s newest, greatest innovations.
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