Saturday, April 16, 2016

6 Entrepreneurship essentials

As unbelievable as it might sound, entrepreneurship is not for all. You need some essential qualities that help you drift through thick and thin and bring out the best in you. Some of these essentials are listed below; if you are all of the following, I think you should give entrepreneurship a try.

An entrepreneur needs to be an original and creative thinker who can introduce and feature new ideas. Success is all about doing what others have been doing in a different way. The more innovative you are, the better your chances of success.

Problem solver

Most successful entrepreneurs of today started off by trying to solve a problem, every business solves a problem or the other. Thinking about your immediate environment problems can get you a business, let alone the world’s problems. There is always a solution to any problem and solving problems in an innovative way is an essential for entrepreneurship.

Risk taker

Entrepreneurship is all about risks. There is always a ‘what if’ to any action you want to take. What if I lose my hard-earned capital in this investment? What if it doesn’t work out? What if my targeted customers don’t need or like it? What makes you an entrepreneur is your ability to step on your fears and go ahead with what you think should be ok. However, always take risks sensibly!

Positive thinker

You need to have a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life. Thinking negatively hinders you from taking risks when you need to. Think positively of people, life, your business, your colleagues, your employees, your employers and maybe everything would come out fine in the end. However, it is important to know we can fail at times.

One who thinks differently

There have been people before you, and there would be many more after you, do not imitate any of them, set your own rules and live by them. By rules, I mean lifestyle – for example it is becoming a culture to search for a job after higher education, but it is nice to think out of the box. Only one in thousands thinks of becoming their own boss afterwards, you can be one of them. Hence, thinking differently is not a bad thing after all.

One who never quits

It is bad to be stubborn but trust me; it is good to be stubborn with your dreams. Failure is a norm, why do you even regard it as failure in the first place, it is simply called experience.  Learn from your mistakes or failures and someday, your story would be a success story. Hence, no matter what you face on your way up that line, NEVER QUIT TRYING! And always remember – there is more than a thousand ways to do things, you can always try another method.

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