Sunday, June 26, 2016

4 Modern Tools to Improve Marketing at Your Startup

Every day, new tools make marketing possible for entrepreneurs to get their brand in front of a massive audience. Whether it’s a new method to generate online traffic, or to approach analyzing industry relevant information, the power of marketing has reached an entirely new level of operations in the modern age.
Yet still, the brightest business-motivated minds are always looking for another approach to gain a marketing edge on competitors. In their wake, the number of marketing tools being introduced to the marketplace are virtually endless. While this might seem a bit like overkill to someone new to the marketing process, the truth is that the chance for uncharted marketing success for business owners willing to take the time to figure it out is enough to persuade an entrepreneur.
Big Data
Originally used to track trends in the spread of the flu virus by Google, which initially outperformed the CDC‘s own predictions, Big Data has evolved into one of the most useful modern tools for marketing success. If a company has the processing power to handle large repositories of information, leveraging Big Data analysis to determine when the next major market trend will strike has proven to be a profitable venture for a large number of digitally driven companies.
While data is always a critical part to any marketing campaign, Big Data provides businesses with a front row seat to a far reaching look into the fine details of how markets behave and what the numbers say. Savvy companies will be able to jump on early, rather than getting in too late.
CRM Software
CRM software (otherwise known as Customer Relations Management software) is a driving force behind many companies who seek to get more out of their customer base. While every business offering products and services needs contacts and leads, CRM software helps to maximize the potential of your customer contact and sales data to help improve the rate of closing leads and overall profitability.
Whether this is in helping a company stay on top of regularly contacting clients or determining what sales incentives need to be implemented to ramp up sales, CRM software becomes an easy and organized way to keep your entire sales department on task for ensuring higher rates of sales volume. Over time, CRM software developed to suit various needs, from a giant such as Salesforce that serves entire enterprises, to a highly specialized ones like LockedOn which is made for real estate agencies.
Picture Marketing
When building a social media marketing campaign, pictures with text will often say more than lengthy ads. People resonate with visually stimulating content, and if it is clever enough it will be shared through social networking avenues.
Some tools to help with this type of marketing approach are CanvaBeFunky and PicMonkey. It never hurts to make a big statement with a picture that says a thousand words simply by its visual appeal. Using easy to operate picture rendering software is key to getting this part of your marketing campaign right.
Email Campaigns
If you thought email was out, think again. A well-guarded secret in modern marketing is that email lists are still one of the best ways to interact with potential clients and customers. The reason for this is because the company hosting the list can set the pace with a consistent frequency of advertising. However, it is important to remember that successful email marketing campaigns must provide something of value to the consumer.
Beyond merely tossing ads in a potential buyer’s face, it helps to wet their whistle with information they will not likely be able to get anywhere else: that means the information must be genuinely valuable. As a company’s email campaign builds rapport and trust among its subscribers, the inevitable outcome will tend to be that these same subscribers will trust the products and services the company is pitching as well. This is, in turn, generally good for a company’s bottom line.

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