Wednesday, September 28, 2016

4 Qualities of the Best Marketing Leaders

There are marketers, and then there are transformative marketing leaders.
Which category are you in? Even better, which category would you like to be in?

1. They've developed both right and left brains.

 What you need is a really unique blending of right brain and left brain. You need to be as comfortable in the bowels of a spreadsheet as you are in a Powerpoint. In one moment, you’re going to be digging in and understanding analytics. And in another moment, standing up in front of a group of a thousand people communicating a vision.”
A great marketing strategy has countless moving parts. Diving into every element, from data points to overarching vision, is crucial to reaching your leadership potential. Don't get discouraged if you're not a data pro just yet. Many of these skills can be learned and developed. The most important thing is to be thirsty for knowledge and seek out opportunities to practice.

2. They think like recruiters.

The biggest differentiator I’ve seen [among leaders] is the ability to recruit"
No marketing leader succeeds on his or her own merits. Marketing is a team sport that requires collaboration both across the department and the company. To succeed in this fast-paced and constantly evolving profession, you need a world-class team. A true marketing leader inspires loyalty and creates a contagious environment that makes other marketers want to join.
The best marketing leaders recognize talent and applicable skills — even if a recruit's job experiences are unorthodox. Recruiting the best marketers is as important to your success as generating high-ROI campaigns, and transformative marketing leaders act like it.

3. They're committed to company culture.

Everybody throws around the word culture right now, but so few people are truly committed to that. Culture is not about painting your wall a particular color and offering free drinks. That might be a manifestation of good culture, but that's not good culture.Good culture has to flow," Tim shares.
Like it or not, company culture is part of your marketing. Potential customers and employees alike have access to your Glassdoor information to see what your culture is really like. The impact you make in your community can be a major indicator of your culture. A happier, more productive team will also create better work. Marketing leaders should be committed to fostering a culture that helps employees thrive. Culture encompasses much more than free gifts or happy hours.

4. They focus on the what before the how.

It sounds really obvious, but it’s so hard for us to stay committed to this — focus on the what before the how.
All the tools and channels in a marketer's arsenal today can sometimes distract us from our strategic foundation. Why are we using email marketing? What's the goal of this campaign?
How will all of this help our business grow? Are leads sales-ready? 
The best marketing leaders focus on strategic priorities for their business. Only then do they plan the best way to get there. In other words, Snapchat might be the hottest channel of the week, but if it’s not clearly tied to your marketing goals and if you have no way to measure your success, you should spend time on other projects.
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